QuickBooks Training Ames NevadaQuickBooks Training & Services

I have a deep knowledge and passion for QuickBooks. I believe that the program is a very cost effective solution to your day to day bookkeeping needs. I have implemented the program for many local small businesses in the Ames, Boone, & Nevada areas, in many different industries.  I can help you buy the program at a discount, implement it into your daily life and provide on going training and support for you or your employees.   I understand that your passion is your industry and that bookkeeping is not where you make your money. I also know that without a good, efficient bookkeeping system it is hard to analyze your business and manage it effectively.  I am dedicated to helping you understand QuickBooks and how to get information into the program so the reports you extract are accurate and useful!

QuickBooks consulting/training
The sky’s the limit when it comes to training! I can give training on one certain area of QuickBooks or just answer that list of questions that grows as you learn the program. I can be flexible on the number of ”learners” that I work with at one time. I can work with the business owner or any person that has QuickBooks responsibilities.

  • I can provide “one- on- one” or “office staff” training to you and your office staff
  • I can do a lunch and learn at your business
  • I will travel to you or you can come to my office
  • I will accommodate evening or weekend hours if necessary
  • You can sign up for a QuickBooks training session at the DMACC computer lab in Ames. (See the QuickBooks Workshops Page for details)

QuickBooks Implementation or Transition

  • I can help you purchase and transition to the QuickBooks program that is right for you.
  • I have experience converting  from other well known accounting software programs or from a paper/excel based filing system into QuickBooks.
  • When applicable, I will print financials from your old computerized accounting program and show you the same financial in QuickBooks so you know the integrity of the data is there.

QuickBooks file repair

Do you have a file that is damaged or unbalanced? I can help you repair the file and troubleshoot the problem areas.

Random QuickBooks questions

I am always happy to answer that burning question you’ve had since you started learning QuickBooks. Let me help you answer those questions or improve your process to be more efficient or proficient in QuickBooks.