COVID-19 – changes for taxes

As of March 20th, we suspended all in office meetings

TAX PICK UP AND DROP OF HOURS: 8-5 Monday – Friday

TAX DROP OFF – Please use hand sanitizer or a wipe when entering the office. Place you packet FACE DOWN on the table inside the door. Make sure a current phone number is on the documentation so we can call with questions when preparing the filing. We do have extra paper on the table for last minute communications.

TAX PICK UP – Please use hand sanitizer or a wipe when entering the office. Please bring a pen with you. If you forget we will give you one as a sovenir. A staff member will get your packet then implement social distancing while you are signing. If you are just dropping your signature sheets off you can put them facedown on the table inside the door along with your payment.

Federal Tax filing and payment deadline:  July 15th .

Iowa Tax filing and payment deadline:  July 31st.

We cannot advise about the specifics of unemployment or stimulus checks. The information is changing so quickly. On employee matters it is best to seek advice from an employment attorney. There are many resources for small business grants and loans. The SBA and Iowa Ecomonic Development have great websites for information.

We appreciate your business and will do everything we can to protect our clients and staff from hardships. Our office is working hard to maintain a regular schedule for payroll processing and bookkeeping work.  Please let us know if you will be suspending payroll processing or book work so we can adjust our schedules. We will send and post updates as soon as they become available.

How can we help?

Weber Accounting Services has a passion for helping you understand your business financials. From running your daily QuickBooks program to filing a tax return and all the steps in between. We want to help you understand how to read your financial reports and take control of your bottom line.

We offer free 30 minutes consultations for new clients. Come in and talk with Amy and see if we are a good fit for your needs!